Presentation at Lar de Unta

4 September 2010

Yesterday, September 3rd at 8:30 pm, we held a presentation about Fragas do Mandeo at the headquarters of Asociación Cultural Lar de Unta (Lar de Unta Cultural Association). A small group of other local associations that already knew about the new entity for land stewardship had also been invited. In view of the questions and the interest that had been sparked off among their members, it was necessary to explain our objectives.

Logo of Lar de Unta cultural associationLeo Antelo, president of the host association, introduced the board of trustees. After a few words about the necessity and convenience of having a local stewardship entity, we took questions from the audience, followed by an account of progress with our updated website.

We hope to present Fragas do Mandeo to a wider audience soon in an event that includes some activities, such as a photography and video show about nature in the Mandeo riverbanks.

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