Dona, our mascot

5 October 2010

Dona was born on July 5, the day before the creation of our organization, near the River Mandeo, in Aranga, where her parents live. Today she is three months old.

Photograph of DonaShe was named Dona, which in Galician, apart from a respectful form of address, is a term for imaginary feminine beings. According to popular belief, the donas were beautiful and good women, blessed with magic powers, who lived in dolmens, crags, springs, Celtic settlements and ruins. In the Celtic language the word meant “brave leader of her people”. In Spanish, dona also means to donate and this is what we’d like our supporters to do to help towards preserving of our natural heritage.

Her mother is a German shepherd and her father is a Bernese mountain dog. Both parents are loyal and intelligent animals, as is typical of these breeds.

She has already visited the vet to be de-wormed, vaccinated and to have a microchip tag put in.

During the first few weeks she showed herself to be confident and bright, scouring the entire area where she lives. As is normal in puppies, everything catches her attention, and she never stops playing, chewing and breaking everything she picks up.

Despite her great activity, she is putting on two kilos per week. She learns quickly and she already knows to sit when asked. Now she is learning to go on a lead and to get accustomed to the hustle and bustle of the city.

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