Represented at the National Stewardship Forum

6 November 2011

The setting-up of the National Land Stewardship Forum took place in Madrid on November 3rd. This new body has the objective of promoting, coordinating and representing land stewardship initiatives all over the country. Its establishment involves 13 organisations: the seven territorial networks for stewardship, three stewardship entities and three organizations that support their creation, so gathering most of the stewardship movement.

Photograph of the participants in the incorporation of the National Land Stewardship ForumThe National Forum was originated in 2006, when the first meeting on land stewardship took place, called by the Environment, Rural and Marine Ministry. At that moment the participating organizations decided to work together informally, in order to maintain communication between entities and regional networks, as well as acting as interlocutors between the stewardship movement and the different administrations and social areas interested in it. One of its most remarkable achievements was the inclusion of stewardship in the Strategic Plan of the Natural Heritage and Biodiversity 2011-2017.

The incorporation ceremony had the participation of the Director General of Natural Environment and Forestry Policy, José Jiménez, and Director General of Sustainable Development of the Rural Environment, Jesús Casas, who affirmed that the Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs will support forms of land management that ensure the involvement of citizens, as is the case with stewardship.

Fragas do Mandeo took part in the incorporation through the Galician Group of Stewardship Entities, and will be represented at the National Forum by Óscar Rivas, who belongs to the Galician Association for Land Stewardship.

Get more information by downloading the incorporation minutes and the articles of association.

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