Success of the First Conference on Land Stewardship

1 November 2011

As announced some days ago, we took part in the First Galician Conference on Land Stewardship that took place on October 29 in Santiago de Compostela, including a visit to the Marine Reserve Mar de Lira and to the Raíña Lupa Cooperative the following day.
Photograph of the First Galician Conference on Land StewardshipIt was held in the excellent setting of the Novacaixagalicia Community Centre, where information about ten different stewardship initiatives in Galicia was available. Most remarkable was their diversity, both in the type of organizations and in their approaches to dealing with this issue. As for the sphere of action, we could saw examples of fluvial stewardship, marine stewardship, stewardship of private plots or in the public domain, and of protected areas or those lacking protection.

Photograph of the First Galician Conference on Land StewardshipThe talk by Amaya Sánchez, from Fundación Biodiversidad (an organisation under the authority of the Ministry of Environment), was very instructive. She reviewed the situation of stewardship in our country and the performance of the Plataforma de Custodia (Stewardship Committee) in monitoring its development. Núria Llabrés’ talk, from the GOB Menorca, turned out to be very interesting as well. She focused on land stewardship aimed at keeping sustainable agricultural and livestock practice, so that the traditional environmental and landscape benefits of these activities are preserved. We presented the process of incorporation of our organisation, the environmental characteristics of our area of activity, the obstacles we are encountering, and the need to promote green philanthropy in order to guarantee stability and resources for stewardship organisations.

The participants concluded the meeting stressing the importance of continuing independent stewardship, but without failing to request support from government bodies through regulatory measures and financing. We agreed to meet again in a year’s time, hoping that by then we can speak of the progress we have made.

Photograph of the First Galician Conference on Land Stewardship.

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