Charity market in Betanzos on August, 5th

16 July 2012

Before the start of the town’s annual festival, we will again be at the Do Campo Square holding our charity market on August 5th, from 9.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.

We hope not to have the same organizational complications that arose at the previous one due to our haulage volunteer being sick and to the sports event that took place on the square. Despite these hitches, and the fact that the good weather after weeks of rain encouraged people to go instead to the beach, it was a success thanks to the 11 volunteers who helped and the generosity of the donors of the items sold.

Donations received by Fragas do Mandeo are entirely aimed at the acquisition of plots of land with environmental value. Operating expenses (phone, Internet, stationery, bank fees, etc.) are covered by what we raise at the markets. This actually generates a healthy surplus, which also adds to the funds reserved to buy land.

At the markets we realized that we need to add another ‘R’ at the principle of the three Rs since we have noticed that some people do not mind buying items that are a bit damaged, because they already know how to fix them. Therefore, our motto is now «reduce, reuse, repair, recycle».

In addition to helping the environment, some Fragas do Mandeo volunteers have noticed other benefits. They are very pleased to see how children ‒or handicapped people‒ come to buy with their limited budgets and can always find something to make their faces light up because it is affordable for them. Some immigrants who’ve rented under-equipped apartments can find home appliances at a price that meets their needs. Grandparents who are looking for a story book to bring a smile to their grandchildren are giving a second life to children’s books. So, solidarity with the environment, but also with different sectors of our society.

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