Strategies to preserve our coasts

3 December 2012

Logo of the CAG Artabrian Gulf Next week Sada will host the workshop Strategies for Environmental Improvement, organized by the Coastal Action Group. Fragas do Mandeo is one of the guests and we are going to speak about land stewardship as a strategy for environmental preservation of coasts and about the benefits for the maritime sector.

Our intervention is to be preceded by Fernando Jubete’s (Global Nature Foundation), who will discuss his experience in the use of Life funds for conservation activities, and Javier Ferreiro and Marco Rubiños’ (both from the Ibader), who will speak about Life+ Nature projects undertaken in Galicia.

Place: Sada’s Casa del Mar (3th floor). Do Porto Avenue 21, Sada (A Coruña)
Date: December 10th, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

You can find additional information by downloading the program or visiting the website of the CAG Artabrian Gulf .

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