Running along the River Mandeo

21 April 2015

At the third running of the Terras do Mandeo Trail, the athletes are going to run for and along the river. Say what? Participants will run along the river and, at the same time, they’ll be raising funds to protect the woods.

Photograph of the runnersThe organizers of the race, thanks to the collaboration of Bioetanol Galicia, will donate 50% of the race fees to Fragas do Mandeo, so that it is used for land stewardship in riparian woods and to acquire land plots of environmental value, thus preserving their biodiversity preservation in perpetuity.

The surroundings of the River Mandeo are more and more frequented by sportspeople. Besides being respectful of nature, with initiatives like this one they take a further step in their commitment to this natural area, being rewarded by enjoying an environment which is at once beautiful, healthy and free from traffic, in which to practise their sport.

The business community is also starting to get involved in conservation through corporate social responsibility. A case in point is Bioetanol Galicia, a renewable energy company firmly ensconced in the area, since its production plant was inaugurated in 2001 in Teixeiro (Curtis), near the River Mandeo.

The race will take place on Saturday, June 6. The runners will start at the finishing line in the Do Campo Square of Betanzos at 10:00 a.m. heading towards Os Caneiros, on to and up from Chelo. It will be a hard race, as the 21 km course follows all kinds of paths and trails, with a total ascent of 900 metres; therefore runners will need to be well prepared.

The race organizers are Campo IV Consulting, Betanzos Council and ACEBE CCA, having the support of many collaborating entities. You can consult additional information on the website of Terras do Mandeo Trail.

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