Learning by the River Mandeo

10 May 2015

Photograph of studentsThis morning we came to the River Mandeo because we were meeting some people eager to learn.

The first stop was at the forest house of Muniferral. Some students of the Recreation Instructor Training Course were waiting there, we had already given them a talk at the Youth Center of Betanzos.

The last two classes were spent at the woods, learning how to organize a camp. Being so close to our plots, they took the chance to have direct knowledge of the eucalyptus elimination process with the aim of regenerating the woods and, at the same time, to learn a bit about our native trees.

The second stop was at A Espenuca. Two students of Social Education at the University of A Coruña had to do a paper on land stewardship and volunteering for one of the subjects. Therefore, they wanted to talk with us in order to have firsthand information.

Photograph of the studentsIn A Espenuca they could see the great challenge of recovering a deciduous wood. The land stewardship agreements are the tools which allow us to act directly on the environment to restore natural habitats and landscape. But they also involve the use of huge economic and human resources. Environmental volunteering is among the main support elements to move forward these projects. Organizations like ours depend on volunteers even for internal administration, since we lack hired personnel.

As a farewell, we ask boys and girls to be ambassadors of nature in their future professional activities: They really are the new life needed by our woods!

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