High hot, high effort

22 June 2015

Yesterday, the sixteen volunteers working at the Os Vellos wood stood 30 degrees Centigrade under a blazing sun. Nonetheless, we didn’t feel daunted and the work advanced at good pace, accomplishing our expectations: the branches left over by the felling were removed and piled up from a significant part of the plot.

Photograph of volunteersAt mid-morning, we gathered in the oak grove that grows in the south-east end of the plot and we got our strength back enjoying a fresh environment. After bearing the dryness of the eucalyptus wood, inside the oak grove we enjoyed what specialists call a nemoral environment, characterized by being shady, wetter, with smoother temperatures and even having less air draughts. This environment makes possible for many endangered species to survive in our native forest during the harsh months ― be due to cold or heat ―, among them relict ferns such as Woodwardia radicans. It is also a nice place for food provisioning, for which we had the collaboration of Gadisa enterprise, as in previous occasions.

Nowadays the oak grove in Os Vellos is small. But in some years it will get bigger, older and it will give shelter to a wider biodiversity. The volunteers will come back and proudly say: “I helped to raise this wood”.

If you want to take part, the second volunteering day will be on Sunday the 28th at the same wood plot. Please register before Friday sending us an e-mail, so that you will be covered by an accident insurance policy payed by the Asociación de Desarrollo Rural Mariñas-Betanzos (Association for Rural Development Mariñas-Betanzos). In section Contact you can find the necessary information.

Meeting point: Outpatient clinic in Betanzos.
Date: June 28th, 2015.
Time: We will be leaving at 9 a.m. to enjoy the morning fresh, coming back at 1 p.m.

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