A new land plot, a new challenge

9 July 2015

Photograph of the property deedToday we signed the property deed of a land plot of 1,400 m2 at the offices of the Notaries Mr. Óscar López and Mr. Gonzalo Freire in Betanzos.

Although it is a small area, the plot has the advantages of adjoining one we already have and of bordering the River Mendo. Some time ago it had been a riverbank meadow which its former owner had planted with eucalyptus. He had them cut down before selling it and now we will be able to recover the riverbank wood along the river border and leave the rest as a meadow, thus recovering its whole ecological value.

Apart from being a step forward in the creation of the micro reserve of Ollo da Roda, this acquisition allowed us to cross the barrier of 200,000 m2 in which we do land stewardship (around half the area in outright ownership, the rest by tenure and some long-term cession agreements), just as we celebrate the fifth anniversary of our foundation.

As in previous occasions, this acquisition was done thanks to the people and groups supporting us with their modest contributions. But when one goal is reached, new objectives soon appear.

Would you like to join us in the new challenge? Any contribution, no matter how small, will be a great help to preserve our natural areas. In section Join us! we explain how to do it or you may also ask us directly (in section Contact you will find the necessary information).

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