New volunteers at the River Mandeo

23 July 2015

Yesterday the first of four groups of the Directorate-General for Volunteering of the Xunta de Galicia, who will collaborate with Fragas do Mandeo this summer, came to the River Mandeo.

Photograph of the volunteersDuring their visit to Os Vellos, after receiving information about our progress on the ecological recovery of the wood, the volunteers worked piling the eucalyptus foliage left after the last felling, thus making it easier for us the future reforestation with native species.

This afternoon they came to the spot of Chelo with the aim of eliminating invasive exotic species and, at the same time, removing the litter they could find. They started at the Teixeiro Bridge and walked up along the river inspecting the right bank, uprooting ―and leaving no buried bulbs― every one crocosmia (Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora) they could find.

Between Teixeiro Bridge and the spot of Chelo there are small populations originated from those planted as ornament by the car park. It is urgent to remove these sources of colonization while their number is still limited, otherwise they could expand and it would become more difficult. The last step will be to completely eradicate them from the leisure area and the car park, since it is there where it reaches the greater density. It won’t be achieved through a single intervention, since there are always some remaining bulbs: perseverance is the key. This campaign was launched last year and we will go back again and again until we verify it is completely eradicated.

Through these four weeks each group of volunteers is going to work in Os Vellos and in Chelo, besides doing other interventions of environmental volunteering scheduled by their instructors. We cannot but thank them for coming from all around Galicia to lend us a hand for the preservation of the natural areas of our locality.

Photograph of the volunteers

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