Work begins in A Espenuca

7 July 2015

Signing land stewardship agreements involves taking responsibility for the restauration and conservation of the habitats held on those plots. Two months ago we were happy to sign an agreement with the Coirós Council to do stewardship in several woodland plots belonging to the municipality, with a total area of 92,239 m2, during a period of 50 years. Now it is time to start working.

Photograph of the work in A EspenucaYesterday we started the restoration of one of these land plots: the one to the North of the chapel, which has an area of 16,846 m2. Although the Council had the eucalyptus cut down over one year ago, they produced new shoots which are higher than a person now.

Because of the enormous effort implied by the size of the plot, the steep slopes and great volume of foliage left by the tree feller, we discarded the idea of calling up volunteers. We chose to hire, through external financing, professionals specialized in forestry work. But when they finish the cleaning of the woodland plot, then the reforestation phase with native species will begin, and that’s when we’ll call up on volunteers. Would you like to join us?

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