Goodbye to a busy year

31 December 2015

The last day of the year is a good time to take stock, see what we can improve and set goals for the year which is about to start.

Although during this year 2015 we have bought few woodland plots, still we managed to double the area in which we do land stewardship by means of an cession agreement with the Coirós Council, by which some woodland plots are transferred for 50 years, we transformed 2 hectares of eucalyptus plots into groves where native trees now grow, we removed 14 exotic species in natural spaces and we removed 20 m3 of litter from the marsh, rivers and beaches. We cannot say goodbye to this year without thanking all the donors, volunteers and supporters for making this possible.

Our wish for the coming year is to continue increasing the support that would allow us to go on with the same level of activity and double the surface in which we do land stewardship, either acquiring plots or reaching agreements. We are convinced that we will achieve it.

Join our optimism by betting on biodiversity conservation and become a donor or volunteer!

Happy new year’s Eve and happy new year.

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