Land stewardship in the face of invasive exotic species

4 February 2016

Poster of the Rede Galega de Sementes (Galician Seeds Network) gatheringThe Rede Galega de Sementes (Galician Seeds Network) has invited us to give a talk on land stewardship and invasive exotic species. This organization, which works for the recovery of Galician traditional seeds and for food sovereignty, will hold the third gathering for seed bartering in Betanzos on February 13th; the program includes a variety of additional activities (street market, workshop, debate, talk, marionettes, music…) along the whole day.

Farmers, whether professional or farming for personal consumption, have a very important role to play against the advance of invasive exotic species. Many species affect them directly, as they are pests which damage crops or infest their fields. Farmers can also act as disseminators and promoters of local actions against these non-native plants and animals.

Fragas do Mandeo will give a talk on the concept of land stewardship as a means of dealing with several environmental matters, and then present the campaigns underway to curb the advance of invasive exotic species that are colonizing our area.

You can find additional information on the website of organización.

Place: Old Slaughterhouse building, Betanzos.
Date: February 13th, 2016.
Time: 5.30 p.m.

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