Active week

28 March 2016

Photograph of the volunteersAlthough we didn’t set up the market stall on Easter Sunday as we used to because of the unfavourable weather forecasts, we were in no way inactive during the last nine days.

First, we finished drying eucalyptus stumps on the plot we have in Os Vellos (Coirós). Then, we made some barriers to stop the potential erosion on a couple of sites and, afterwards, four experienced volunteers cut down a group of eucalyptus still standing. They used some of the wood to set up benches to comfortably rest under the oaks shadow in future environmental volunteering days, and the rest will be used during the internship of a Free-time Instructors’ course organized by one of our supporters.

Photograph of a mousehole treeWe went to Alameda beach and to Playa Grande in Miño, where we checked the presence of invasive exotic species. In the first one we removed 51 Pampas grass plants and 2 mousehole trees; in the second one, we eliminated half a dozen of small ice plants and the same amount of crocosmia, but most of the time was spent uprooting the periwinkle that reappeared on the three points where we had been working last year. It is important to go frequently over the areas were we had been working, so that any reappearance can be stopped as soon as possible.

Finally, in the land plot located in the northern slope of A Espenuca hill, below the chapel, a volunteer built up the plantation made last year with 80 native trees. The 40 oaks, 25 laurels, 13 elder trees, one alder buckthorn and one common hawthorn came from local ecotypes, since they sprang from a local plot where they had sprouted spontaneously. They were watered by the rainfall of this weekend, so we expect them to take root, grow strong and form a native wood with diverse trees that will be able to harbour diverse flora and fauna species.

In all, a very productive week.

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