Vigo is going to learn about our work

15 April 2016

Next week in Coruxo (Vigo) there will be a conference on the spreading of the eucalyptus population titled From Asturias to Coruxo: endemic species, native woods and a lot of eucalyptus; it is organized by the Colectivo Matogueira (Matogueira Group) and the Grupo Naturalista Hábitat (Habitat Naturalist Club).

Fragas do Mandeo was invited to explain what land stewardship is and, based on our experience, to show the potential of this strategy for nature conservation with regards to this phenomenon. During the last years we have eliminated eucalyptus from several wood plots in which we do land stewardship, either by acquisition or on long term tenure, with the aim of transforming plots without any forestry profitability into optimal habitats for native fauna and flora.

Together with representatives of the organizing entities, there will be the participation of David Álvarez, from the University of Oviedo, and Antón Masa, from the Asociación para a Defensa da Ría de Pontevedra (Association for the Defence of the Pontevedra Estuary).

You can find additional information by downloading the program.

Place: Office of the Comunidad de Montes de Coruxo, ascent to the chapel of San Sebastián No. 23, Fragoselo (Vigo).
Date: April 23rd, 2016.

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