And in the afternoon in Teixeiro

28 May 2016

If in the morning we were at the radio, in the afternoon we got to the Ethnographic Centre of Teixeiro to give a talk, invited by the Querqus Leisure Time School.

During this weekend they are teaching the course contents of outdoor activities and camping to sixteen first-year students of the higher cycle of professional training, who are training both for Physical Activity and Sports Technicians and for Leisure Time Instructors at the Agra do Orzán High School.

During the talk we informed them about the main environmental problems of our locality and the activities developed by Fragas do Mandeo to address them through sponsorship and land stewardship. We insisted on the importance of dedicating part of our leisure time to nature conservation and we encouraged them to boost this commitment through their future professional careers within activities organized at town halls, clubs and associations, thus helping to preserve our natural spaces.

We thank the Querqus Leisure Time School and the Agra do Orzán High School for this opportunity of spreading the word about our work.

Photograph of the students

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