Second day at the amphibian reserve

29 August 2016

Next Sunday, September 4th, we will go back to work at Do Catorce amphibian reserve (Coirós), for which a new volunteering day has been set.

The aim is to go on with the tasks started on August 20th, while the autumn rains do not come. There is no need to remove litter, since it has already been done, but there are some invasive plants to be eradicated, some foliage to be piled up and many eucalyptus trees to be cut down and dried. If the number of volunteers is similar to the previous day, we think that we will be able to complete the first phase of actions scheduled for the wet area.

Photograph of the volunteersAs usual, the meeting point will be at the Outpatient Clinic of Betanzos, where we will meet at 9.30 a.m. to share cars, and we plan to come back at 2 p.m. There may not be enough tools for everybody, so try to take an axe or a sickle. It is also advisable to take leather gloves and wear clothes and shoes suitable to work on the woods, and something to eat and drink for the midmorning break.

If you want to register for this day, please send us your data in advance (complete name, ID, birth date and mobile phone number) by e-mail (you can find our address in section Contact), saying if we must wait for you at the meeting point or if you are going directly. Thus, you will be covered by an accident insurance policy and you will be informed on last minute changes; moreover you will facilitate organization.

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