Biology students working at the reserve

15 September 2016

In spite of the threat of rain, 11 members of the Asociación Estudiantil Bota e Bata (Boot and Lab Coat Students Association) of the University of Santiago de Compostela, accompanied by two volunteers of Fragas do Mandeo, got to the Do Catorce amphibian reserve to work.

Before getting on with the job, these Biology students could see the progress of the first phase of improvement of the reserve habitat. After a long draught, it started to rain hard this week, so the pools are already flooded, both those that were just dug out and those restored because they were filled. So, we were able to verify that our intervention, for which we had the help of personnel and machinery of the Distrito Forestal II, has had the expected outcome.

Afterwards, the volunteers went on to uproot the excessive amount of bulrush that was completely taking up one of the pools, they dried up eucalyptus, they piled up sticks and removed the litter left visible after the clearing of scrub.

This day of environmental volunteering gave these future biologists the opportunity to know a practical case of environmental restoration of a degraded area, which requires weighting numerous parameters to reach success. They left happy with the experience and we are thankful for their collaboration.

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