A day in Ollo da Roda

22 October 2016

Although there was high participation in the previous volunteering day, only five people turned up at Ollo da Roda today. Certainly the weather’s threatening aspect was discouraging, but the truth is that the forecasts of no rains during the whole morning came true.

On one of the plots where we do land stewardship, there are several big eucalyptus trees in the middle of the native forest. Before eliminating them, we had to clear a bramble patch that would make the task difficult. One month ago, thanks to the kindness of the Distrito Forestal II, a tractor driver cleared the scrub, uncovering a pile of litter that had been hidden by the bramble. We had to remove this litter before cutting down the eucalyptus, or else they would stay buried under the felling left-overs.

Although there were only few volunteers, they managed to complete the work, filling a whole trailer with the litter they had removed. They even had spare time for drying new shoots of eucalyptus in other of the plots in which we do land stewardship. All that is left now is the logger to free the wood from those eucalyptus trees.

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