Biology students collaborate with land stewardship

18 March 2017

Photograph of the studentsToday we have accompanied a group of Biology students of the University of A Coruña and two of their teachers to visit the Alameda Beach (Miño). The aim was for the students to start the practice of Botany following the service-learning method, within the agreement signed by Fragas do Mandeo and the University.

This brings the number of working groups to three. On March 6 we accompanied the first group to visit the Do Catorce and the Ollo da Roda amphibian reserves, and on the 13th we met the second group to go through the plots in A Espenuca (Coirós) in which we do land stewardship. In all these places we explained the activities that are being carried out and the difficulties that we face to improve the ecological condition of these habitats.

In total there are 17 students who will study the flora of these areas, so that the knowledge they gain allows us to manage it more effectively. They will identify the existing invasive exotic species, they will determine the composition of the native vegetation, and the data they collect ―plus those gathered by future students on the coming years ―will make it possible to determine the evolution of the flora.

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