Pay less in your income tax declaration

5 April 2017

Logo of the Spanish Tax AgencyThe income tax declaration exercise has started today, ending on June 30. All of us have the duty to pay our part. But there are legal ways to pay less and in so doing, support nature conservation.

People who supported Fragas do Mandeo with donations last year have found that the Tax Agency deducted part of the donated amount from their draft tax declaration. For example, those who donated 100 Euro recovered 75 Euro from the amount they would have paid as income tax.

This is because Fragas do Mandeo is subject to the tax regulation for fiscal incentives to patronage. You can find detailed information on the deductions applicable to individuals (IRPF) and companies (corporate tax) in Articles 19 and 20 of the Taxation for Non-Profit Organizations and Sponsorship Taxation Incentives Act (49/2002, December 23.

So now you know! As you benefit from these deductions, we can continue acquiring woodland plots of environmental value to preserve biodiversity.

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