Busy at the O Catorce reserve

29 October 2017

One month ago we celebrated the sixth Land Stewardship Week, during which the volunteers’ hard work produced really successful results. But it’s about time to undertake some pending tasks.

Photograph of the volunteersThis morning ten volunteers went to work to O Catorce amphibian reserve. The main objective was to restore one of the pools. Taking advantage of the drought that lowered the water level, we were able to remove the excessive vegetation. Thus, the pool will keep part of its surface completely clear, enabling the diversity suitable to the ecological requirements of various species.

Photograph of the volunteersWe also needed to check two exotic invasive species which weren’t eradicated yet. The volunteers eliminated the Canadian horseweed (Conyza canadensis) throughout the quarry, filling eleven 100-litre sacks. On the other hand, they were able to eliminate the tall flatsedge (Cyperus eragrostis) on the upper terrace. Depending on the evolution on that area, we will decide if it is feasible to eradicate it on the lower terrace, where it is very abundant.

Finally, we cut the gorse on the West boundary with a weeding machine, as they were growing a lot, blocking the way.

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