Debate on invasive species

10 May 2018

This morning we got to the Faculty of Biology of the University of A Coruña to take part in a debate named The terrible consequences of the introduction of invasive species .

Logo of the University of A CoruñaDoctors Alejandro Martínez Abraín and Sergio Rodríguez Roiloa, of the area of Ecology of the University, and Andrés Pereira, Chair of the Grupo Naturalista Hábitat shared the round table with us.

Invasive exotic species are considered one of the main causes of biodiversity loss on a global level. This problem affects our area too, getting worse with the progressive appearance of new species and with the uncontrolled expansion of those already present.

It was a pity that in the debate too much time was spent on questioning the real existence of such a problem, despite the fact that it has been widely acknowledged by the scientific community. Therefore we had no time to explain our work on eradication and the method used in each case. Anyway, we were able to encourage the students to consider it in all its seriousness and we invited them to participate directly in volunteering days to eliminate them.

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