Talk in Aranga

25 May 2018

This afternoon we have been in Aranga explaining what land stewardship is and how Fragas do Mandeo puts it into practice.

Photograph of the studentsA course of leisure time instructor is being held in the community place of Muniferral since March 1st, organized by the Reserve of the Biosphere of As Mariñas of A Coruña and the River Mandeo area. After 200 theoretical hours and 150 practical hours, the students will get an official qualification.

As on similar occasions, we took the opportunity to inform them about the main environmental problems in our area and the lines of action of Fragas do Mandeo to preserve our natural heritage, insisting on the importance of dedicating part of our leisure time to nature conservation. Finally, we encouraged them to promote this commitment throughout their future careers by means of activities organized at councils, clubs and associations.

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