Resuming the acquisition of wood plots

26 June 2018

Photograph of the property titleToday we went to the notary of Mr. Óscar Manuel López Doval in Betanzos to sign two deeds of sale formalizing the purchase of several plots from two owners. With these acquisitions we increase by 8,546 m2 the area in which we are doing land stewardship.

It’s been some time since we look for plots to purchase, because we need to have surplus cash to undertake the works at O Catorce amphibian reserve. But this does not prevent us from taking the opportunity if we receive an offer.

The plots purchased today are in the whereabouts of Caresma (Coirós). All of them have a well preserved native wood. Some eucalyptus trees grow in one of them, so we will have to eliminate them. All in all, they are well located: some of them are by the banks of the River Mandeo, others in the vicinity. They are near some of our plots; even one of them is adjacent to a plot we have purchased some years ago.

As in previous occasions, the purchase was possible thanks to the generosity of our modest donors, since we do not receive grants from public entities nor have important patronages. We will go back to the acquisition pace as soon as possible, so that we can increase the area aimed at the preservation or our natural heritage in perpetuity.

You can help us! The next time we buy a plot, you will share our pleasure, realizing that thanks to you a future is guaranteed for an area of woodland.

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