Volunteering on the 22nd at the O Catorce reserve

16 July 2018

In July 2016 we started to do land stewardship on three plots of municipal ownership in the Pedra Partida hill (Coirós), to create the O Catorce Amphibian Reserve. During the first one hundred days we achieved a radical change of the area, significantly improving the habitat. At the beginning of this month we started the work of this year’s campaign: we cleared the excessive scrub at several points and a specialized company removed the asbestos roofing from the abandoned buildings of the old quarry.

During this Sunday’s volunteering day we will go on with the task of eliminating two invasive exotic species of American origin: the horseweed (Conyza canadensis) and the tall flatsedge (Cyperus eragrostis), that we had already started at this time last year. They are small plants, easy to uproot, but numerous, so a lot of hands are needed. We will also eliminate some eucalyptus that resprouted.

Again, the meeting point will be the Outpatient Clinic of Betanzos, where we can share cars. You don’t need to take any tools, but it could be useful to take kneepads. Remember to wear appropriate clothes and protect your head from the sun. And don’t forget something to eat and drink for the mid-morning break.

If you want to be involved in the conservation of the best spot for amphibian reproduction in Coirós, do register for this environmental volunteering day by sending us in advance your data (complete name, ID, date of birth and mobile number). Thus, you will be informed on last minute changes, you will be covered by an accident insurance policy and you will facilitate organization. In section Contact you will find the necessary information.

Meeting point: Outpatient Clinic of Betanzos.
Date: July 22nd, 2018.
Time: We will be leaving at 9.30 a.m., coming back at 2 p.m.

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