Back to the O Catorce reserve

11 August 2018

Today thirteen volunteers returned to the O Catorce amphibian reserve to continue the work started on July 22.

On one hand, the elimination of the tall flatsedge (Cyperus eragrostis) was still pending in the pool at the entrance and surroundings.

On the other, the eucalyptus foliage had to be removed. Late last month, a couple of professionals hired by Fragas do Mandeo used climbing techniques to cut down the eucalyptus trees that were growing on the wall of the quarry. The volunteers have had the opportunity of seeing its new look today, before starting to fill up to five garden trailers with the eucalyptus foliage.

The work does not end here: a couple of volunteers are cutting and uprooting eucalyptus shoots on the two hectares wood within the reserve. Their objective is to finish them off before the summer ends.

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