Starting the third work camp

17 August 2018

The third edition of the Monte da Espenuca work camp began this morning. Ten volunteers coming from different parts of Spain, accompanied by two instructors and the camp director, will be working for our natural heritage until August 27th.

The main task they will undertake will be the elimination of an invasive exotic species of South-American origin, the small-leaf spiderwort (Tradescantia fluminensis), by the As Bouzas stream. This tributary flows into the River Mandeo just at the foot of the Chelo Visitors Centre (Coirós). Besides displacing the native vegetation, the presence of this invasive plant on its banks implies the risk of the winter river swellings sweeping along parts of the plant that could take root within the protected natural area, where its eradication is almost achieved along the stretch we safeguard along the River Mandeo.

In this way, the work camp will give continuity to the activity initiated by the volunteers of the previous edition. Volunteers of Fragas do Mandeo kept checking the areas of action during the winter and the spring to avoid the small-leaf spiderwort to recolonize them.

This morning we have had the opportunity of explaining to them the habitat restoration activities we have performed, what our objectives are and how we use land stewardship to preserve the biodiversity of our area.

Fragas do Mandeo promotes, gives advice and collaborates with this work camp. It has been applied for by the Coirós Council and organized by the Directorate General for Youth, Participation and Volunteering of the Xunta de Galicia. The management is assumed by Ribeirán Proxectos Naturais, counting on Jesús Díaz as Director.

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