How to become a regular donor

Should you wish to contribute regularly to the financing of Fragas do Mandeo, you may select the type of contribution and amount on the direct debit form. Please download the form and send it to us by postal mail.
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You can choose to pay once a year or once every six months, having complete confidence that whenever you are not able to continue contributing, you can stop just by informing us directly or through your bank; you won’t be asked for any explanation.

Private individuals

Our proposal for private donors is 36 Euros per year. This amounts to the modest figure of 3 Euros per month.

There is also the possibility for the donor to choose any amount, be it higher or smaller. Those who are willing to contribute 10 Euros per month or more will be awarded the status of benefactor of the Fragas do Mandeo.

To be made a benefactor for life, you would only need to do a single donation of 1,500 Euros. Although this may seem a high amount, it is equivalent to a dozen years as a benefactor. This allows us to invest the money immediately and to use it for environmental action as soon as possible.

Community organizations

Cultural or resident associations, sports clubs and non-profit organizations in general may be listed as contributors by giving the amount that suits them best.

That group whose contributions exceed the equivalent of 1 Euro per member and month will be considered benefactor group of Fragas do Mandeo. The group’s logo will appear in a prominent place on our website with a link to the group’s own site.


Any company or for-profit entity can be a contributor to Fragas do Mandeo whatever the sum donated.

In the case of small and medium sized enterprises (SME), they will be considered benefactor company of Fragas do Mandeo when the donation reaches 500 Euros per year. As for big companies, they may reach this status if the donation is of 3,000 Euros per year or more.

The benefactor company will benefit from free advertising by having its logo in a prominent place on our website with a link to the company’s own site. (If the company doesn’t have a website, we can set one up for free.)

Frequency of donation

You can choose your yearly contribution to be collected in full or else to have it divided in two yearly instalments.

Every direct debit collection has a financial cost due to bank fees, so we would prefer a single yearly donation, but you can choose the option most suitable for you.


In accordance with our transparency policy, we disclose on our website and our documents the name of the people that contribute to Fragas do Mandeo. The authorized disclosure of this information is done in keeping with the Spanish Personal Data Protection Act. In no case will these data be made available to third parties or companies unconnected with the administration of Fragas do Mandeo.

Should you prefer to remain anonymous, please select the option “mantengan en privado mi colaboración” (keep my involvement confidential) on the direct debit form. This way your name will only appear for the purposes of administration and formalities.

First published: 6-10-2010
Last update: 11-12-2018
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