One less eucalyptus grove

10 November 2013

This autumn the River Mandeo woods will have one less eucalyptus grove to break the landscape harmony.

Photograph of the lumbered woodA 4,060 m2 patch of eucalyptus grew in one of the woodland plots we had purchased last spring. It stuck out among the continuous mass of native forest still preserved on the slopes of Espenuca hill. Now, after being cut down, the plot shows the desolate appearance of any deforested woodland.
But this is not empty space for us, since it is brimming with our expectations. This wound in the landscape will be closed as soon as the deciduous wood regenerates. In a few years a mixture of laurels, oak, chestnut, birch and hazel trees will restore the ecosystem and will provide shelter to many of the endangered species of our area.

Thanks to our donors, Fragas do Mandeo was able to purchase this and other plots. In some cases they are well preserved oak woods that need little intervention; in others, the removal of alien species and reforestation with native trees is needed.

If you would like to take an active part in this beautiful project by lending us a hand in the forest work, please contact us. You can find the necessary information in section Contact.

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