Preserving nature every day of the year

1 January 2018

Photograph of litterThe best way to show commitment to the preservation of nature is to work for it every day of the year. This is how one of our volunteers sees it, so he made the most of his leisure time during these holidays to remove litter in the SAC natural heritage site Abegondo-Cecebre reservoir.

The volunteering day on the 16th, called by the Grupo Naturalista Hábitat (Hábitat Naturalist Group), aimed at sorting the types of litter present on the natural area, in order to provide data to the project Libera. But an issue remained unsolved: how much litter is there in total?

To make an estimate, our volunteer spent five days removing litter on the reservoir headwaters, formed by the River Mero, upstream the Seixurra Bridge. He filled sacks with the litter he could find on the reservoir floodable area (plastics, glass, tins, pottery, shoes, etc.), and piled them with other bigger items (three wheels and one battery). By their appearance, much of the litter may have been left there for decades. He devoted New Year’s Eve to remove 200 glass bottles thrown on a path by the reservoir. Finally, on New Year’s Day he transported and weighted the litter sacks, summing up a total of 602 kilos. Photograph of the volunteerIf this result is extrapolated to the whole extension of the protected natural site and adjacent paths, after applying correction factors, he estimated that there may be 4 tons of litter waiting to be removed.

There is much to do for the environment of our area. The mere action of a single person implied that more than a ton of litter stopped contaminating Cecebre. The more volunteers we are, the more impact of our effort and the more area will be covered.

As a resolution for 2018, would you resolve to take care of nature?

Happy New Year!

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