After cleaning the River Mandeo, we now come to the River Mendo

24 January 2020

If we did the first cleaning of the year early this month in the River Mandeo stretch we safeguard, this week it was time for the River Mendo, along the section from As Moas Bridge to the Taibo Bridge.

We divided the 18 km-circular route in three stages during which we removed diverse litter, mainly plastics that were broken into small pieces by the strong swellings and got stuck on the vegetation. We also removed four bags filled with pieces of contaminating asbestos ―leaving them by the river shows an acute lack of civic sense― with a total weight of 53 kg.

As for exotic invasive exotic species, we eliminated two small spots with montbretia, one with small-leaf spiderwort and one blackwood acacia. We spotted other four blackwood acacia trees on the riverbed, but we were unable to uproot them because of their size, so we will get back to them with the right tools.

Periodically picking up litter by the rivers is essential to reduce littering, for the sake of the biodiversity they harbor and allowing us to enjoy the landscape without the interference of these examples of human negligence.

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