First volunteering day of the year

8 January 2020

Last week, one of our volunteers walked both banks of the River Mandeo, from O Tope to Teixeiro Bridge. The strong swellings during the last two months washed the river banks, sweeping along leaves, uprooting vegetation and even severely eroding the soil. The swellings not only left some debris at the maximum rise line and plastics hooked on the vegetation, but also exposed some half buried litter. This way, litter was easily spotted and at the same time the riverside vegetation did not hinder the way.

During his 15 km-long walking, he removed two wheels, one wrecked informative panel and diverse residues, mainly small pieces of plastic broken by the flow. There was a total of 143.5 kg of litter, completing the first removal of litter of this year in the stretch of the River Mandeo which we safeguard.

He also checked the reappearance of invasive exotic species. We have eliminated all the exotic vegetation of shrub and herb size on this stretch, but we must keep checking to avoid recolonizations. Only some new shoots were found on the last spot eliminated last year, which indicates the efficiency of our effort. Unfortunately, he spotted an American mink. Since the elimination of exotic fauna is currently beyond our capacity, we report this information to the responsible authorities.

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