One more year of efficient volunteering

1 January 2020

Now that the year 2019 is over, it is timely to take stock of what has been achieved. It is not difficult, since we have been recording in detail every volunteering day. Let’s have a look at the results summary.

Photograph of the volunteersThe litter that we picked up from the coast and the rivers weighed 8,417.5 kg. In our fight against invasive exotic species, we eliminated sources of 21 different exotic plants, summing up a weight of 4,653 kg. of biomass. The species that required more dedication were the small-leaf spiderwort, of which we withdrew 2920 kg, and the montbretia, having uprooted 9,385 tubers.

The action areas by the rivers amounted to 43 km of banks by the rivers Mandeo, Mendo, Lambre and the As Bouzas stream. As for the coastal areas, we acted at the Betanzos estuary, at the mouth of the River Lambre (marshland and Alameda and Abeleira beaches) and at the beach of Miño (including the north side of the marshland). Apart from these areas of public domain which we safeguard, we continued working on the maintenance of the wood plots in which we do land stewardship, either by acquisition or agreements; among them, the micro-reserves we created in Ollo da Roda and in O Catorce.

All of this has been possible thanks to the work of 114 people who participated in one or more volunteering days, plus 51 people sent by the Directorate General for Youth and Volunteering. Many thanks to all!

Happy New Year!

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