Volunteering at the marshland of the River Baxoi

26 January 2020

There were twelve of us participating in the volunteering day at the North side of the Baxoi marshland this morning. The reason for acting on this reed bed by the Praia Grande in Miño was the existence of two spots of Pampas grass and a lot of litter.

The participants were split into two teams. Five people focused on the removal of litter, walking along the reed bed and removing 156.5 kg of litter. The rest spent the time eliminating a Canary palm tree and 10 tufts of Pampas grass, amounting to 241 kg of biomass.

Because of the incline, the four tufts that grew on the slope by the bridge implied hard work, requiring the use of a rope and a harness to prevent accidents. The Canary palm tree and the rest of the Pampas grass were removed near the motorway exit.

This action did not complete the elimination of litter or invasive exotic species on the marshland, but there is no doubt that the North side presents a much better ecological state now.

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