Volunteering day on Sunday the 12th

8 January 2020

This year’s volunteering is going to start next Sunday, given that no rain is forecast during the morning.

Photograph of the volunteersThe last swellings of the River Mandeo have removed the soil and the sand in the canal formed by the river in the recreational area of Chelo (Coirós). This way, some pieces of brick, tile and other building materials thrown away long ago are in sight now. We had already removed litter some time ago, but it is necessary to do it again if we want to keep this area free from waste materials.

As usual, the meeting point will be the Outpatient Clinic of Betanzos, in order to share cars (those who are going directly are asked to let us know, so that we do not wait for them). The canal does not have water running down, but it is advisable to wear wellington boots and rubber gloves (leather gloves are not suitable for this task). Don’t worry about tools, but remember to take something to eat and drink for the mid-morning break.

If you would like to take part in this first volunteering day of the year, please send us your data in advance (complete name, ID, birth date, postal code and mobile phone number). This way, we can inform you on last minute changes, you will be covered by an accident insurance and you will facilitate organization. In section Contact you can find the necessary information.

Meeting point: Outpatient Clinic of Betanzos.
Date: January 12th, 2020.
Time: We will be leaving at 9.30 a.m., coming back at 2 p.m.

Post data: Fortunately the day was not as cold as we had expected; even so, we felt lazy to dip our hands into the water to pick up the debris. The six participants quickly removed bricks, tile and other prefab building materials, leaving the canal and its banks clean by mid-morning. We filled the 20 available baskets with debris, summing up 743 kg, plus 35 kg of iron and diverse kind of litter. Future swellings will let new debris at sight, but meanwhile this canal will present a natural appearance.

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