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How can you help?

If you wish to collaborate in preserving the natural heritage of our area, you can contribute economically with a donation no matter the amount, as a single one-off payment or regularly, and whenever you want. You can also donate land plots or even bequeath them in your will.

Bank account for donations:
 BANK: Abanca
IBAN:          ES50 2080 0096 1130 4000 6618
BIC:             CAGLESMMXXX
Bear in mind that in Spain you can get a tax deduction up to 80% of the amount, and 35% for businesses. These deductions also apply in the case of land plot donations. Contact us and we will give you additional details. Further information on Spanish tax regulations can be found at Ley 49/2002 de régimen fiscal de las entidades sin fines lucrativos y de los incentivos fiscales al mecenazgo or seek advice from your tax advisor.

Making a punctual donation

You can simply make a direct deposit into our bank account, indicating it is a donation. Please do not forget to contact us and send your personal data, so that you can benefit from the deductions.

Register as a contributor

If you want to donate a small amount of money regularly, you can also pay by direct debit. Please download the donation form, simply choose the amount that suits you best, sign and send it to us by postal mail. Your bank will do the direct debit annually, and you can have complete confidence that, whenever you are not able to continue contributing, you can stop without being asked for any explanation.

Become a benefactor

Cultural associations, neighborhood community associations, sports clubs and non-profit organizations in general may be listed as contributors by giving the amount that suits them best. Wherever such a group makes contributions exceeding the equivalent of 1 Euro per member and month, they will be considered a benefactor group of Fragas do Mandeo. The group’s logo will appear in a prominent place on our website with a link to the group’s own site.

For-profit entities can also benefit from being contributors and enjoy free advertising by having its logo in a prominent place on our website, with a link to the company’s own site. If the company doesn’t have a website, we can even set one up for free, so that it has presence on the Internet.

Please download the donation form, simply choose the amount that suits you best, sign and send it to us by postal mail.
Image of the gift donation certificate

Donating as a gift

Frequently it is difficult to find the perfect gift for a nature lover. One way to give a present without the risk of consumerism is making a contribution in the name of the recipient. We will send you a lovely certificate so that you can give it to him on the celebration day.

Donate land

Many woodlands and estates on riversides are neglected because nowadays it is not worth to make use of them. In many cases it is not even possible to use the required machinery due to steep slopes or lack of suitable access. In other cases, they have been divided up between so many heirs that the small plots are not considered worth looking after. Before this land is lost, it could be given a new lease of life by handing it over for nature and native woodland conservation, benefiting from deductions in the income tax, in the case of private individuals, and deductions in the corporation tax in the case of entities.

Bequeath to conservation

If you do not have heirs who need your properties and you are willing to use them for a social purpose such as nature conservation, please remember that you can cede those lands you cannot look after while still alive, or else bequeath them in your will. Your generosity would be much appreciated by future generations.

Contact us

We can be contacted by phone, email or postal mail. Please see section Contact to find our contact details.

First published: 6-10-2010
Last update: 12-1-2021
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