Responsible donations

Control of NGO management

The third sector, made up by non-profit and non-governmental organizations (NGO), has grown a lot in Spain recently. With this rapid growth has come greater concern about the control of expenditure and the efficiency of their management.

When one plans to make a donation, the first thing is to get information about the possible recipients and verify that they are well managed. It must be guaranteed that the donation is really destined for the purpose stated by the entity and that only a small part is assigned to general expenses (administration, advertising, etc.)

How can we know which entities are well managed?

The Fundación Lealtad is a non-profit charity established in 2001 whose sole purpose is to provide information about the management of NGOs and to promote responsible donation.

Any entity interested can request to be analyzed at no cost. The resulting report is published so that citizens can know how the entity is managed so they are able to take responsible decisions before giving a donation.

The reports look at different aspects of the ONG’s operation. Each area is assessed independently. The entity, for its part, can rectify the way it operates in order to improve the below par areas, or else explain the reasons why changes haven’t been made.

You can see these reports in section Report search in the website of Fundación Lealtad.

Is Fragas do Mandeo examined by Fundación Lealtad?

One of the requirements to be examined by Fundacion Lealtad is to have been running for at least two complete operating periods. Since Fragas do Mandeo was founded in July 2010, it meets this requirement to be analyzed.

The second requisite is that the organisation’s accounts must be audited by an external chartered accountant. Currently, Fragas do Mandeo cannot afford to pay one. If you are a chartered accountant and you wish to help, or you know someone who could, please contact us. In section Contact you can find the necessary information.

Meanwhile, Fragas do Mandeo is in the process of applying the recommendations of the Fundacion Lealtad related to transparency and management that are published in section Transparency Principles and Good Practice of NGOs on its website.

First published: 6-10-2010
Last update: 6-11-2016
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