Progress in the Do Catorce amphibian reserve

2 October 2016

This morning six volunteers were working hard at the reserve. They carried big stones to the border of one of the pools, so that they reinforced the water retention barrier and they improved the habitat conditions, since the stones can provide shelter for amphibians.

It’s been almost three months since the signature of the land stewardship agreement that allowed us to preserve this enclave, and the improvements are already remarkable: we created four new pools, we increased the size of another and we restored two that were filled, removing the excess of vegetation. During this time we also eliminated eucalyptus and invasive exotic vegetation, we piled up the foliage left out after the last felling, we removed litter, we cleared the excessive scrub and we cleared the paths of the vegetation that was blocking the way.

Only small actions are missing to complete the first phase of action. The haste to finish it is imperative because of the proximity of the autumn rains, that will flood all the wet area and will attract amphibians again, which would make difficult the tasks for the habitat improvement.

Anyone who has known the state of this enclave before the agreement will welcome the metamorphosis. For this we must thank 56 volunteers, who dedicated 304 hours of their leisure time, and to Distrito Forestal II, who lent us a tractor driver for one working day.

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