The small-leaf spiderwort of O Bocelo

19 August 2018

This morning four volunteers were eliminating the small-leaf spiderwort (Tradescantia fluminensis) by the ruins of the O Bocelo spa.

Last year three volunteering days were set between July and September to eliminate this invasive exotic species. Twenty-one people participated and performed an amount of work equivalent to more than 16 full time days. During the winter and the spring the volunteers checked for their reappearance in many occasions. When summer came, we were able to verify the total eradication inside and around the ruins. But still missing was its elimination on the top of the building.

At some time, the small-leaf spiderwort managed to climb the wall, thanks to the abundance of moss, settling even at the upper top. Therefore, the four volunteers had to walk the trail along the river bank carrying on their shoulders a large ladder. As usual, the worst of all was coming back from there, as they had to carry an extra 5 big sacks of vegetal remains.

We will continue checking this place until we can be sure of the plant´s definitive eradication.

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