Eliminating eucalyptus at the O Catorce reserve

2 September 2018

Photograph of the volunteersThis morning nine volunteers took part in the environmental volunteering day we had announced to eliminate eucalyptus at the O Catorce amphibian reserve. Although they are in the woodland area and they do not directly affect the amphibian reproduction spots, we would like to complete their eradication before the rains come.

The volunteers piled up the foliage, cut down some eucalyptus and removed litter. The high temperatures forced us to stop work one hour before scheduled. The work is not yet finished, but less remains to be done.

Fragas do Mandeo is a target-driven organization. Therefore, we will call for new volunteering days until the work is completed. If you would like to be informed on the next volunteering days, please send us a message so that we can include you in our distribution list. In section Contact you will find the necessary information.

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