Half tonne of litter taken out of the estuary

8 February 2020

Several employees of Naturgy and their relatives participated this morning in their third volunteering day. On this occasion we went to the bird hide of Souto, on the right bank of the Betanzos estuary.

Photograph of the volunteersBefore getting to work, we dedicated some time to explain the natural values of this protected natural area, while we watched the diverse bird species feeding on the mud (spoonbill, grey heron, little egret, mute swan, pink-footed goose, mallard, Eurasian teal, Eurasian curlew, common greenshank, common sandpiper, etc.).

Later on, while the children enjoyed a morning in the countryside, the nine adults got to the reed bed to collect bottles, plastics and all kind of trash, including two wheels. The results speak for themselves: more than half a ton of litter. We filled 45 sacks weighting 581 kg and filled to the brim the 4 m3 capacity of the garden trailer. With this action, we have already removed from the rivers and the coast 1,811.5 kg of litter and debris so far this year.

The surrounding area of the bird hide is not absolutely clean yet. Therefore, we hope to program another volunteering day soon, in order to complete the cleaning.

We thank Naturgy for promoting this day of environmental volunteering among their employees.

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